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    Inficron clients understand what is cloud hosting excellence.
    Inficron cloud hosting applications are custom tailored to the context of each individual client. When customers partner with Inficron for hosted applications solutions they immediately get access to a state of the art network, best in class equipment and top-notch technical talent. And when their business grows, the infrastructure seamlessly grows around it.

    As an information technology consulting service and a custom application host we know first-hand how critical uptime is to business. When servers go down, so does productivity. Workflows are interrupted and opportunities are lost. That's why Inficron is committed to providing clients with the most reliable uptime. We are a leader among the best hosting providers, with exceptional 24/7 technical support for applications on both our managed hosting servers and on CDN partner cloud hosting providers such as Akamai and Amazon. Inficron is a managed host for blazingly fast cloud applications such as:

    What is cloud hosting

    Why worry about your IT? Hosting your application with Inficron means that you can focus on your business.