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  • Web application development

    What is a web application and how does it differ from a website? In general, Web software applications provide value to users through efficiencies created by leveraging data, communication and program automation. With high barriers to entry such as targeting different operating systems, keeping up with new OS versions, payment logistics, and expensive distribution channels, making successful software applications used to be restricted to select software engineering companies that had the financial clout and market leverage to develop and distribute installable executables.

    The past decade has seen a complete paradigm shift in the way software applications are consumed by end users. Now anyone smart enough to envision a process that provides value to others can develop, distribute and monetize a software application as a service on the web, otherwise known as a web application. A website, on the other hand, is typically an informational online presence for a person or organization. Web applications are often standalone services, however some innovative websites contain embedded web apps that enable visitors to interact with corporate services hence increasing lead generation, prospect conversion rates and customer retention.

    Inficron is a leader in web application development. We have been ahead of the curve since the millennium, making the seemingly impossible, possible. Taking the most complex ideas and making them look simple. Many firms try to emulate what we do. But time and time again, we prove how rare it is to find talent like our own, that knows how to make a web app that is creative, compelling and profitable. Talk to us today, and let us show you how we launch web application ideas into the stratosphere.