Smart Business Technology

  • Industries & domains

    Traditional advertising and marketing companies are looking for innovative approaches to leverage internet based delivery channels and revenue models. Inficron helps clients adapt to the digital age, leveraging social media, developing lead generation systems, creating viral campaigns, and capturing data for analytics.
    Chemical companies continuously retool internal processes in order to remain competitive while growing new and existing products. Inficron helps clients create more efficient organizations by converting, automating and interfacing with data to enhance longer supply chains, manage global sourcing and procurement, and stay close to globally dispersed customers.
    The convergence of communications, multimedia and mobility has created a new paradigm for the telecom industry and communications services in general. Inficron helps clients better serve their customers by developing smart routing solutions, traffic engineering, mobile virtual services infrastructure, and content delivery platforms.
    Today, institutions need to deliver effective educational services to a more diverse and distributed student body without linearly scaling their budgets. Inficron helps clients integrate state of the art learning management systems that enables schools and universities to offer online classes complete with subscription, teacher driven courses, grading, surveys, whiteboards, chat and video lectures.
    Electronics manufacturers are expected to deliver new and exciting products to fiercely competitive markets. Inficron helps clients by enabling electronic products with software including embedded operating systems, firmware, drivers, management suites, and custom end user functionality.
    Energy companies are experiencing growing talent shortages and the need to invest in new technologies to remain competitive. Inficron helps clients develop innovative, practical solutions to help them achieve high-performance such as business process automation, workplace collaboration technologies, B2B CRM, and site system-specific software implementation.
    Financial Services
    The global finance and banking industry is undergoing a transformative change that demands organizations meet new operational, regulatory, customer relationship and risk challenges. Inficron helps clients gain a competitive advantage by leveraging technology for data mining and analysis, fraud detection and prevention, and regulatory compliance.
    Governments today have an opportunity to achieve unprecedented performance and budget efficiencies by leveraging internet software automation for the delivery of public services. Inficron helps government clients deliver and improve services through knowledge dissemination, database development and public interfaces, online form processing, grant management systems and survey applications.
    The healthcare community is facing growing pressure to deliver more effective, available, and affordable healthcare. Inficron helps clients with data access, integration and exchange between multiple systems and standards including X12 EDI, HL7, CCD/CDA, and DICOM. Inficron software services are user friendly, reliable, and secure.
    Management & Business
    As businesses grow they require more control of often disparate systems and deeper insight into their organization. Inficron helps enterprise clients become more agile, increase operational efficiencies and conserve costs through ERP and ECM integration, data acquisition, data warehouse architecture and ETL, KPI dashboards and analytics.
    Manufacturing companies are facing fierce and growing global competition from organizations that re enabled with lower costs of labor and less regulatory overhead. Inficron helps clients reduce costs without sacrificing product quality by integrating smart software solutions including Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), ERP, data entry mobile apps, RFID, and systems integration.
    Media & Publishing
    Market realities continue to revolutionize the media and publishing industries, forcing veterans to evolve and creating opportunities for new players. Inficron helps clients adapt to new media to deliver content in innovative ways, understand audience behavior through analytics, and discover new revenue opportunities.
    The global economic downturn has created an increased demand for services and has decreased donor support. Now more than ever, nonprofits must do more with less. Inficron helps clients implement grant management systems with integrated customer relationship management to effectively target prospective donors while better managing resources.
    As vast amounts of data become more accessible, innovation is being fueled by collaboration and discoveries are being driven by raw computing power. Inficron helps clients step up their R&D activities by building research databases, integrating collaboration tools, and leveraging affordable, high performance cluster computing.
    The traditional shopping model continues to experience dramatic changes with new discovery services, innovative promotional methods, growing access to product information, and mobile app shopping augmentation. Inficron provides retail clients with a competitive advantage that leverages technology trends to enhance the customer experience while optimizing product perception and positioning.
    The travel industry has undergone a significant expansion as online brokers and competing destinations create an environment where tourists expect and attain the best value for their dollar. Inficron helps clients such as airlines, hotels, car rental agencies, and tour operators meet these expectations with viral marketing campaigns, innovative and entertaining location based mobile applications, and customer relationship management software.