Smart Business Technology

  • Systems integration

    We solve your most difficult systems integration and data analysis headaches.
    (You know, the kind that can make or break your enterprise.)

    Outsourcing IT application development to the right company is an effective way to streamline business operations. Inficron develops solutions that help organizations reduce cost, implementation time and risk while meeting their business goals. Our team of talented business systems integrators simplify business process automation including enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), enterprise content management (ECM) and portals for collaboration, business intelligence, knowledge dissemination and search.

    Custom software systems integration services include:

    What is ERP system software for CRM
    • Incremental modernization projects
    • Complex work flow management systems
    • Report creation, management, and delivery solutions
    • Automation tools to reduce employee manual work
    • Customer support ticket tracking and management
    • File processing and parsing software

    Need help defining what is application development strategy for your organization? You tell us which processes you want to automate. We will study your organization to devise a solution that exactly fits your business.