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CIOs Share Secrets on Reaping Hybrid Computing Benefits

The promise of the hybrid cloud is drawing a wave of astute IT leaders eager to explore and benefit from this new environment. According to Link Alander, CIO and vice chancellor of Lone Star College in Houston, their college already has almost thirty hybrid cloud applications deployed, including a learning management system and an online student orientation system. They found that a hybrid environment was well suited to their organization's needs, was flexible enough to potentially power their long term plans, and allowed the them to deliver services quickly to faculty and students.

"That's the first thing we look at when we look at a business problem we want to solve: How long would it take to execute on what we want to get done? And what's the total cost of ownership over time?" Mr. Alander said. "When we went to the cloud, we changed our philosophy and decided there should never be a major project that takes more than a year and a half. Business units don't want to wait for a new service."

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