How to plan software development

  • Technology consulting

    As a one of the best software companies providing strategic information technology consultancy services, Inficron advises clients on how to plan software development, drafting and executing their IT business plan.

    Eight out of ten software projects fail catastrophically forcing stakeholders to throw it away and start over. Rescuing projects developed by alternate software consulting firms has provided Inficron with valuable insight into why IT application development fails. A myriad of IT sales companies outsource development to offshore chop shops without intrinsic desire to achieve your vision beyond their bottom line. Freelancers with little liability compete with low budget solutions that rarely ever become commercially successful in reality. We understand that choosing software consulting firms to develop custom written software is hard.

    Inficron IT business consultants have been delivering successful technology solutions to our clients for over a decade. Our exceptional client retention rate of over 90% is due to the fact that we operate as a strategic technology partner, helping our clients grow their business. We succeed when you do.