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    As a prominent mobile applications company, Inficron has long been a vocal supporter of the convergence of open standards and mobile platforms. Open technologies such as HTML5 and CSS3 are quickly caching up to their native counterparts in performance and functionality. The benefits are clear. Mobile web apps enable full owner-application control, direct interaction with the end user, and ubiquity across mobile platforms. Some popular mobile web applications include Netflix, Quora, Tumblr,, Mafia Wars and Basecamp Mobile. In fact, these applications surpass many native applications in look, feel and functionality.

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    What makes a mobile application truly great?
    Mobile applications have little real estate for interaction as well as low processing capability and memory allocation, yet are expected to provide a smooth, responsive and highly functional user experience, on the go. That's why Inficron mobile web applications focus on simplicity, consistency and speed. We have been creating mobile apps since 2004, when we were featured in CNN Money for the first of its kind mobile photo sharing application. We are among the best mobile app companies because we understand how to make mobile apps that people love to use.

    Are you thinking about taking your business mobile? Inficron will help you leverage state-of-the-art technologies to create a great app that works everywhere.